Book 1 - Molly Downs Outback Romance Series

"Wonderful, I'm off to buy some more of her books! What a breath of fresh air. Fantastic story, brilliant characters and all round very well done. I needed a bit of escapism and this book provided just that. Thank you." - katygotmad Amazon Reviewer

Ten years after fleeing her outback home, international model Jenny Hynes was back to settle her father’s estate and close the book on their fractured relationship. She had no intention of sticking around any longer than absolutely necessary and certainly no intention of rekindling her relationship with the man who had shattered her tender, eighteen year old heart.If only he didn’t still make her body sizzle with desire…

The moment Scott Armstrong set eyes on Jenny Hynes again, he was determined to win her back. But a decade is a long time and she was no longer the shy, impressionable girl who had won his heart. The new Jenny was confident, worldly and very, very guarded. It would take all his patience, persistence and a healthy dose of chemistry to convince her they were meant to be together.

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Book 2 - Molly Downs Outback Romance Series

"If you like the Australian outback, then you will love this book, home grown storyline with real characters, an outback adventure with a brilliant ending" - Diane C Amazon Reviewer

A year after her divorce, photographer Jess McAllister was ready to dip a toe back in the water. So when she found herself alone in the outback with a seriously hot chopper pilot it seemed like a perfect opportunity to have a little ‘no strings attached’ fun. Or so she thought…

For Teague Quinn, a little bit of Jess McAllister was never going to be enough. Maybe he was old fashioned but he firmly believed when two people connected the way they did it was worth pursuing. So when fate stepped in and brought them together again, it was an opportunity not to be squandered.


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Book 3 - Molly Downs Outback Romance Series

"Kept me reading. A great love story set in an unusual landscape. I'm looking forward to more from Tess, and from this environment." - RainyKO Amazon Reviewer

Heiress Katrina Redmond was heartily sick of living the life her father had mapped out for her. Six months ago she’d finally made a stand and had been engaged in a battle of wills with her father ever since. His latest attempt to draw her back into the family business involved blackmailing her into attending a corporate wilderness fishing camp. She didn’t do wilderness, she didn’t fish and she didn’t want to be there so it was always was going to be a disaster. But she hadn’t expected to get her heart broken as well.

Dillon Armstrong never mixed business with pleasure but where Katrina Redmond was concerned he just couldn’t seem to help himself. The chemistry between them was sizzling hot but the more time they spend together, the more she intrigued him in other ways. And that wasn’t good for a guy who had sworn off serious relationships years ago and had no intention of changing his mind.


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Book 4 - Molly Downs Outback Romance Series

Anthropologist Taylor Armstrong was smart, dedicated and hard working. As a born and raised country girl, she had nothing against cowboys but when a certain footloose fancy-free cowboy with a love-them-and-leave-them reputation wandered into her life, she wasn’t about to invest time or energy in a relationship that was going nowhere. No matter how tempting he was.

When Mac Dawson’s old boarding school mate offered him a place to hole up whilst he figured out what to do with the rest of his life now that his professional rodeo career was over, he gladly accepted. Messing with his friend’s sister wasn’t exactly the ideal way to say thank you but Taylor Armstrong PhD was just too darn irresistible. Besides, no one had ever accused him of being a gentleman.

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"If you love romance, scenery and delicious tension, you'll love this book." - A.E. Albert Amazon Reviewer

Maelstrom (noun)

  • A powerful whirlpool often hazardous to approach.
  • Any state of affairs signified by turmoil, disorder, confusion, chaos or upheaval.
  • The romance between Erin Johnson and Drew Bradley.

After years focusing on her career, Erin Johnson surprised everyone including herself when she turned her back on Sydney and headed north to start a new life. Everything was going great with the exception of her prickly new boss who was determined to think the worst of her one minute and was kissing her senseless the next.

Drew Bradley recognized trouble when he saw it and his sexy new Marketing Manager was trouble with a capital T. As far as he was concerned, the sooner she got sick of small town living and headed back to the city the better. In the meantime, all he has to do is keep her away from his best friend and keep a lid on his desire.


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"A Thousand Rivers is a wonderful story about spiritual and emotional growth. This book is for those who love historical elements, culture, romance and heaps of character development." - A.E. Albert Amazon Reviewer

At 30, Australian Danni Pollard seems to have it all; a husband she loves, a successful career, a nice home and supportive family. The annual pilgrimage to Bali was supposed to be a time for rest and relaxation until a chance meeting and an unexpected chain of events leads her on an adventure of a lifetime to wild Borneo.

It’s here in this beautiful and exotic land, away from everything that is familiar that Danni begins to question her life. New friendships are formed, including one that leaves her torn between loyalty and love for her husband, the people of Borneo and the man that has committed his life to helping them find their place in the modern world.


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